Screening Solution

Tega has more than 600 screen applications in mining, mineral processing, steel plants, cement plants and aggregate industries. It stands as one of the leading manufacturers of screens and provider of screening services.

Tega  commits itself to deliver unique, highly efficient wear resistant screen decks which increases screening efficiency, reduces down-time and cost/tonne of material handling.

Philosophy of Tega Screen decks

Tega SLD Program

S – Screening Efficiency Enhancement

L – Life Enhancement

D – Downtime Reduction

Tega Screen Decks are designed with the following objectives :

  • Increase Screening Efficiency & throughput.
  • Increase the life of the decks.
  • Reduce the down-time of the screen machine with maximum availability for production.


Our SLD is implemented for the following applications :

  • Scalping & Primary Screening Application – Products – Steel Embedded Bolt Down Rubber Panel, Cross Tension Rubber Panel
  • Secondary Screening – Products – Cross Tension Rubber Panel , Cross Tension PU Panel , Pin and Sleeve Type Panel, Modular Button Type Panel, Anti-Clogging Panel, Steel Embedded Bolt Down PU Panel
  • Tertiary Screening – Products – Cross Tension PU Panel , Pin and Sleeve Type Panel, Modular Button Type Panel, Dual Hardness Panel, De – clog, Steel Embedded Bolt Down PU Panel
  • Dewatering – Products – Pin and Sleeve Type Panel, Modular Button Type Panel
  • Flipflo – Products – Flipflo Panel

Design Excellence

Engineering solutions are provided through our Propriety software / simulation packages used for Tega Screen Deck Designs.

SIMEFF – To calculate the Screening efficiency

This high end software helps in predicting the screening efficiency and ways to improve the screening efficiency.


SIMLIFE – To predict the expected life of the screen decks

It takes into account ore characteristics along with Tega’s experience on wear properties to predict the life of the panels.


3D Modeling

Modeling of each component at the pre-manufacturing stage to ensure perfect fitting of Tega Screen Decks.


Finite Element Analysis: for structural mechanical strength analysis of Screen Bucker Up Frame and Reinforcements.


FE Analysis of Screen Frame


Installation Supervision

When requested, we provide our customers with General Arrangement drawings for the Screen Media. Supervision of installation of our screen media and modifications of bucker up frame are part of our value added service.

Wear Measurements

Wear measurements are a source of invaluable information as it helps us in estimation of spares. A Wear Measurement Report is submitted to all our customers after every maintenance shutdown. This assists our customers in planning their inventories.


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