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Customized Mining Wear Liner Manufacturer and Supplier for Mineral Beneficiation Solution

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We are a global leader in delivering innovative and customized transfer point solutions along with wear consumables specially tailored for mineral beneficiation....

Our tailor made solutions offer:-

  • DuroTek Engineered chute supplied and installed worldwide in gold, copper, iron ore, zinc, mineral processing, steel plants, cement plants, and aggregate industries.
  • Aggression Wear Liners installed in more than 10,000 equipment and transfer points.

With Tega, Take a Sustainable Step Towards

  • Increase in equipment and lining life
  • Clog free operations
  • 100% equipment availability during operation
  • Eliminating material degradation
  • A greener and eco-friendly environment (by eliminating dust and spillage)

On the whole, our solutions comprise a highly innovative product portfolio that ensures comprehensive results in transfer point solutions and products.


At Tega, custom engineering means developing solutions tailored to every challenge. This includes everything from developing new products to modifying existing technology.

We deliver complete solutions associated with all transfer point problems through our economical and operational-efficient products.

Our innovative engineering solutions are designed through:

  • In depth research of transfer point and its operation
  • Site inspections and material studies
  • Using state-of-the-art software and mathematical models
  • Our decades of experience in transfer point bulk material handling

Our technical sales and engineering professionals work in tandem with your project team to design a solution specific to your application.

Tega DuroTek Chutes and Aggression Liners are custom designed with key focus to optimize the transfer point with respect to the four major aspects mentioned below and their leading causes. Tega delivers total solution for these transfer point requirements:-

  • Field-tested solution for transfer points – chutes and wear consumables for aggregates/quarry, mill discharge/feed chutes, screen feed/discharge chutes, Storage - hoppers, silo, bins and any bulk material handling application.
  • Reliable product quality with 45+ years of rich application knowledge of bulk material handling in Mining, Mineral processing and Metallurgical plants. Add to this the invaluable experience of 500+ engineers
  • Value addition to client’s product processing operations by adding a combination of process specific and product specific solutions.
  • These include innovative-engineered design of transfer chutes and points, rubber based, high hard steel based, polyurethane based wear liners as well as a combination of these to achieve the result.
  • Continuous improvement in transfer chute design, wear lining design, new and improved fixing arrangements, new product development and more adaptive solution techniques in line with customer’s requirements in process parameters.
  • A dedicated service team for installation supervision, wear measurement, chute inspection and liner wear profile measurement to ensure performance validation and client satisfaction
  • Customized order delivery schedule to match with user downtime, maintenance plan and spare requirement.

Working with an objective to deliver the following:

  • F –Flow Improvement of material handled.
  • L –Life Improvement for transfer chutes and storage equipment.
  • A –Availability Increase for equipment.
  • D –Degradation decrease for material handled.

Tega F.L.A.D program is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Increase efficiency of the lining equipment.
  • Eliminate unwanted shutdown.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Increased flow ability of materials.
  • Savings in cost/ton of material handled.
  • Reduction in fines generation, degradation and noise pollution.
Tega’s FLAD program implementation strategy
  • Aggression Rubber liners – Range of liners manufactured from special rubber compound ideal for abrasion, impact & corrosion applications for all types of transfer points.
  • Aggression Ceramic liners – Wide range of Ceramic liners robustly designed and engineered to perform in extreme abrasive and corrosive application. The extremely hard ceramic elements provide unsurpassed resistance to wear, while the elastic properties of Rubber effectively dampen the impact forces.
  • Aggression Polymate liners – Engineered to handle large lump size for optimum life and efficiency. Designed to handle bulk material ranging up to 400 mm in size. The high hard steel embedded in rubber matrix gives excellent resistance to wear together with absorption of impact energy giving the liner an extended working life of 3-4 times more than liners made of either rubber or steel.
  • Aggression Flow-promoting liners – Designed to aid continuous flow of material while eliminating jamming/choking issues in transfer/storage points. Low thickness flexible liners to give optimum life and efficiency in highly moist environments
  • DuroTek Transfer Chutes: Tega DuroTek transfer chutes are custom-engineered transfer point solutions for solving all types of transfer point challenges.
  • Thunder Air Blaster: Tega Thunder Air blasters are best equipped to prevent material blockages and build up in transfer & storage points.
  • PenSen Wear Monitoring System:IIOT-based Real Time monitoring system to predict and analyse wear rate and pattern of liners that helps in replacement of liners, maintenance planning and inventory management.
  • Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) - Flow dynamics of materials and their behaviour in transfer points are computed to ensure the best tailor-made solutions as per requirements.
  • Scanning Solutions – Tega uses 3D scanning technology to minimize risk, maximize cost-effectiveness and easy go-fit of equipment on site.
  • Inspections, Installation and Maintenance Services - Benefits of partnerships in practice, assuring support in Initial inspections, installation of equipment and after sales maintenance and services.

Bulk material handling

  • Feeder chutes and liners
  • Stacker and reclaimer chutes and liners
  • Transfer chutes and liners
  • Bins, Silo and Hopper liners
  • Wagon Tippler Hopper Liners & Pads,
  • Vibro Feeder Liners,
  • Track Hopper liners


  • Feed & Discharge chute and liners

Mill/ Grinding

  • Mill feed chute and liners
  • Mill Discharge chute and liners

Trommel Housing & Chute Liners


  • Screen feed Chute liners
  • Undersize chute liners
  • Oversize chute liners


  • Transfer chutes and liners
  • Skirt Board Liners


  • Flotation tank liners
  • Launder


  • Mobile equipment liners
  • Skip Car Liner

Tega Wear & Flow Solutions are designed to meet the objectives, analysed through various Engineering Tools & Softwares backed by proven Mathematical Models, experience and knowledge base of 45+ years in this field of Bulk Material Handling.

Engineering solutions are engineered through our Propriety software/simulation packages:-

  • Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)
  • Structural and Mechanical Analysis – Impact load and Structure stability
  • Scanning Solutions - 3-D Scanning of the site and transfer point
  • SYM-TRAJ – Optimize material trajectory
  • SYM-Wear - Predicts Life of wear plates in specific profiles
  • SYM-ROS - Predicts Life of wear plates and in transfer chute profile
  • SYM-TROP – Calculate Strength and Force estimation
  • Combi-lining Technology – Wear Liner Selection