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Cadia Valley (Australia)


Gold ore industry


Gold (CADIA valley)

Type of Mill:

AG Mill

Feed (in TPH):

1600 TPH

% Solid:

68-75 %

Sp. Gravity of Solids:

2.7 t/cu.m

Customer’s Concerns:
  • The heavy balls settle at the bottom & slurry start moving over it. Due to the absence of any forward force, balls always stay inside & get accumulated.
  • Content of water in discharge slurry was high which need to be resolved.
  • We modified the DAM layout as per our EDEM analysis. We modified it in such a way that it start giving forward push without affecting required retention time(i.e. 16.8-17 sec).
  • We increased the open area as well as aperture flare (friction zone reduced) which results in the reduction in water content in discharge slurry.
Customer’s Feedback:

Tega Ceramic Embedded Rubber Panels with :

  • Life improvement from 13 weeks to 33 weeks in case of Tega Opti-Prime Panels.
  • 75% Reduction in Shutdowns Nos.
  • Production increased due to reduction in ball accumulation and clogging.
Cadia Valley (Australia)