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Cadia ML006 (Australia)


Gold Ore Mining


SAG Mill

Trommel Size:

Trommel Size:

Feed (in TPH):

320 TPH + 30% RC

% Solid:

75 %

Sp. Gravity of Solids:


Customer’s Concerns:
  • The existing panels were getting damaged within 45 days of operation which demands heavy shutdowns annually.
  • Here the challenge was to increase the life of panels to minimize the number of shutdowns.

Tega Heavy duty High Grade Rubber Panels with :

  • Optimized panels thickness to delivered the required operational life keeping the ID of Trommel at a variance of 5%.
  • For the specified case, Special grade Graphene material was used for higher operational life
Customer’s Feedback:
  • 777% Increase In Wear life (From 45 days to 350 days)
  • 80% Reduction in Shutdowns Nos
  • 3675 Tonnes per Year Increase in Production
Cadia ML006 (Australia)