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Minera Excondida SAG 3 Trommel (Chile)


Copper Ore Mining


SAG Mill Trommel

Trommel Size:

Ø2300 X 3790 mm

Total weight:

15 Ton

Customer’s Concerns:
  • Earlier the Trommel is transported in a vertical manner which posses some safety related concerns.
  • Here the challenge to design a suitable structure to hold the Trommel in horizontal position during Transportation.

Tega Designed & Optimized Structure with:

  • The Structure is analyzed using Finite Element Analysis.
  • Support at the bottom with rubber lining to rest the Trommel.
  • Bolted Fixing with both frames along with lugs at bottom for proper fixing.
Customer’s Feedback:
  • 40% reduction in the clogging (From 48 % to 8% max.)
  • Higher Trommel Efficiency
  • Prevention of Slurry overflow issues
Minera Excondida SAG 3 Trommel (Chile)