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Leadership Development Project Initiates at Tega South Africa

Material Equipment Manufacture Industry | Tega Industries

At Tega Industries, we believe in the power of corporate responsibility and community engagement. As part of our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact, we have embarked on a transformative leadership development project in South Africa. This initiative not only serves as a testament to our dedication to growth but also underscores our deep-rooted commitment to improving the societies and countries in which we operate. 

Our leadership development program is a comprehensive 12-month journey that aims to empower learners with essential skills and knowledge. Through a blend of practical "on-the-job" training and theoretical learning, participants are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in their respective fields. The program encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including Production Technology, Metal & Engineering Training, Stores, and Finance.

 One of the primary motivations behind this initiative is to combat unemployment in South Africa. The country has grappled with a persistently high unemployment rate, which stood at 34.9% in the third quarter of 2021, up from 34.3% in the previous period. Tega recognizes the urgency of this issue and is determined to be part of the solution.

Our leadership development program offers a plethora of benefits for participants, ensuring that their journey with Tega Industries is not only educational but also rewarding. Here's what learners can expect:

  • Holistic Learning: Participants have the opportunity to learn both "on-the-job" and through structured theoretical training, providing a well-rounded educational experience.
  • National Qualification Certificate: Upon successful completion of the program, learners receive a National Qualification Certificate, enhancing their prospects for future employment.
  • Stipend Support: We understand the financial challenges that learners may face during their educational journey. Therefore, stipends are provided to ensure financial stability while pursuing the program.
  • Placement Opportunities: Tega Industries is committed to nurturing talent within its ranks. Post-completion of the learning program, participants have the opportunity for placement within the organization, offering a pathway to a promising career.

We firmly believe that our success is intertwined with the prosperity of the communities and countries in which we operate. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond mere profit generation. We are dedicated to creating a positive and lasting impact on society.