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“I was engaged in the development, design and manufacture of DynaPrime® , the principal growth engine of Tega. The good thing about Tega is its work culture, senior management approachability, openness to innovation and customer engagement in decision-making. The result is that the company established a prominent presence in South Africa in a short time in South America, the mining geography in the world.”

Abhishek Sinha, Global Product Head – Mill

“The most remarkable thing about Tega is that professionals enjoy the freedom to move to any other department, developing cross-functional competence. The result is that the internal hiring of marketing professionals has increased. I don’t think any other company provides this extent of freedom in lateral cross-functional movement.”

“In 2019, we got a large order from Kevitsa Mining in Finland. Before processing the order, the entire management team of the customer desired to inspect our facility to ensure whether we were capable of timely and competent delivery. The customer’s senior management visited our plant. They were fully satisfied with our capability, plant hygiene and research depth. The company not only provided the order but became a repeat customer.”

Manish Pandey, Production Head- Dahej

“Tega builds relationships, extending beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. This is why clients engage with us – we prioritise their needs and we treat them like an extension of our premises. There is a personal touch in the way we do business. This is remarkable as we enjoy enduring relationships across countries, notwithstanding differences in cultures, laws and customs."

Wallace Soares, Global Head - Sales Process

“Tega is one of those rare companies that do not just pay lip service to the company values rather they sincerely practice in their daily business. Once, there was a discrepancy between the quantity of stock present at the client’s site and what we had in our records. I personally checked the stock at the site and resolved the issue. This underlines Tega’s value of ethical commitment towards its clients where Tega saw to it that they were given a fair deal. The premium we place on ethics enabled us to gain our client’s trust and build an enduring relationship with them.”

“At Tega, just doing the right things is not enough. You must do the right things in the right way. The Company encourages its suppliers to follow guidelines when engaged in business. Besides, the company insists that all business practices are conducted in an eco-friendly and ethical manner.”

Shashi Settinayake, Finance Head, Australia

“I joined Tega in 2012 as Press Operator in Mining division. I involved myself in all activities of the shift - press loading, blasting, extruding and finishing to understand the entire process. I was then transferred to the Industrial division for operating injection moulding machine in 2015. Tega is my home, it has growth opportunities and good work-life balance with compassionate team members of positive attitude.”

Doctor Makwala

“I work in the HR department in Tega, Africa. I joined in October 2013 as a Payroll Clerk. I have learnt over the years that to be thrown into the ‘deep end of the sea’ is not necessarily a bad thing. In my case, many ‘positives’ came out of it. I have gained valuable experience and exposure in HR over the years, this would not have been possible if I was not thrown into the deep end. Have evolved in my thoughts and work.”

Sharmain Lightfoot

“I work as a Supervisor of the ‘cutting’ area. This is my first job. I started as a Process Engineer for production. This allows me to learn from all areas of the factory. I am able to develop leadership, communication and analytical skills. There are ample opportunities to learn, grow and overcome challenges. Tega is an ideal place to thrive both professionally and personally.”

Jeniffer Mundaca

“I have been working as a Process Inspector for 5 months now. During this time, I had the opportunity to participate in all the manufacturing processes of our products; managing to develope communication and analytical skills. Today, thanks to the job opportunities provided by Tega, I work as a Final Product Inspector in the 'stadium tests'. I work towards continuous improvement to grow professionally and personally while taking care of responsibilities and challenges on the way.”

Victor Reyes