With over 12 years of practical experience in manufacturing and supplying in mining & mineral processing equipments, Tega provides full technical & engineering support along with its wide range of cyclones.

THE “PExCEL” WAY – Tega commits itself in delivering unique highly efficient wear resistant mineral processing equipments capable of Extra Capacity along with considerably low power consumption and high wear life.



P : Power Saving

ExC : Extra Capacity

E :  Efficiency

L : life

Power Saving : The unique design allows Tega hydrocyclones to operate at higher solids percent with same efficiency thereby reducing the slurry volume handled by the pump. This in turn reduces the pump power consumption as well as pump size.


Extra Capacity : Tega Cyclones offers finer, sharper particle separations although at high capacities, hence fewer cyclones required even at high slurry volume flow rates.


Efficiency : Tega hydrocyclones are designed with an Alfa (α) value ranging from 3.7-4.1 thereby allowing Tega Cyclones to operate with a very high and consistent separation efficiency.


Life : Tega hydrocyclones comes with superior modular & corrosion resistant liners thereby enhancing the wear life and reducing the previously required downtime.

Application Area


Engineering Solution


TEGA process audit service is again based on the broad philosophy of ‘PExCEL’ aimed to provide process optimization for the end user. The service encompasses the following unit operations in an ore dressing plant :

  • Crushing & screening
  • Grinding
  • Classification
  • Conditioning, beneficiation & recovery
  • Thickening
  • Slurry transportation
  • Bulk material handling
  • Reagent preparation & dosing system
  • Overall Process control

All unit operation analyses are carried out with the help of the following engineering tools :

  • JK SYMMET software
  • MOD-SIM software
  • SCREENF software
  • MSB software
  • ESTICRUSH software
  • SYM-CYCLONE software
  • GEM-CYCLONE software

For any Optimization drive TEGA’s team of qualified mineral engineers would :

  • Would establish the actual fit of the current material characteristics & Mass balance for any unit operation through sampling & existing data collection & subsequent reverse Engineering with the help of the above mentioned tools.
  • Would identify the bottle necks in the circuit.
  • Would analyze the current machine capability utilization with respect to the process demands for each section of unit operation under the scope of the study.
  • Would analyze the current functioning of the process auxiliaries related to the unit operations under scope of study.
  • Would run the iterative simulations & model fittings through all the relevant software for a stable new capacity against any defined product or for maintaining the existing capacity for a finer circuit product for any particular unit operation including the immediate upstream& downstream to find the process response in totality.
  • Would submit the final report with all the analysis of the current performance & recommendations for the target optimization.

MOD Sim :

MODularSIMulator for Mineral Processing Plants. MODSIM™ affordability, ease of use, and unique and powerful ability to simulate mineral liberation make it the perfect computer simulation tool for quarry operators, coal processors, base metal and industrial mineral producers, consultants and engineering firms.

JK Sim Met :

JKSimMet integrates all tasks associated with data analysis, optimization, design and simulation, including the storage and manipulation of models, data and results, within one package. Mass balancing and model fitting of complete circuits are standard features.

Sym Cyclone :

This high end software has been developed indigenously in collaboration with IIT Kanpur enabling us to predict and generate a detailed performance of the Hydrocyclone. It integrates all tasks associated with data analysis, optimization, design and simulation, data and results, within one package.

Gem Cyclone :

This Software was developed in-house after extensive laboratory studies carried out by our highly qualified and experienced mineral processing engineers. It allows preciseprediction of the performance as well as the most probable output from a cyclone in closed circuit with Mill.

Test Work - We are always one step ahead

We  have in house laboratory facility of testing of different types (Iron, Chromite, Coal  etc) of mineral in house with different size of cyclone (1” to 5”) in different type of operating condition.

We do have the option of studying performance of hydrocyclone by changing the design parameters and operating parameters and come to optimum combination of spigot and vortex size suitable for a particular application.

In some of the cases where customer could not provide us feed details we collect the sample from customer site and do trial test.

We do the selection of hydrocyclone based on the trial test and offer accordingly to customer.

Also to improve the performance of hydrocyclone of existing plant we can do the similar exercise as mentioned above.

In order to extend this facility towards you we also manufacture this complete test rig System as our Standard product.

There are three standard Test Rigs: Small, Medium and Large.

Test Rig

Test Rig


Tega personnel periodically visit customer plant sites so as to collect the performance and wear measurement data of the cyclones. Such data assists us in prediction of remaining life of the wear parts in a cyclone as well as suggest improvements to improve process efficiency.

Data collection of the cyclone performance is done through test works at site & plant data from each shift. The data generated is entered in to proprietary software in order to generate the current profile of the cyclone with estimated performance and life.

Tega’s after sales service includes periodic visits to the plant for overseeing the performance of the cyclones and to assist the plant people during trouble shooting activities, if any.

Sharing with the customer on the developments of new and improved design of cyclone liners (ceramic, cast cryston, stainless steel etc.) that may add to the benefit of the particular application as well training plant operators on site is a value Tega brings along with its product solutions.

For any customized solutions to your specific queries please write us to mineral-processing@tegaindustries.com