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Tega South Africa undertakes a project towards Leadership development

In a significant stride towards community development, Tega is actively engaged in a transformative leadership development initiative in South Africa. This impactful project, spanning over 12 months, is designed to empower learners across various disciplines, including Production Technology, Metal and Engineering Training, Stores, and Finance.

Addressing Unemployment Challenges: At the heart of this initiative is a commitment to tackling South Africa's pressing issue of unemployment. The country has grappled with a staggering unemployment rate, reaching 34.9% in the third quarter of 2021—a stark increase from the previous period's 34.3%. Tega recognizes the urgency to address this challenge and has, therefore, strategically crafted a comprehensive program aimed at fostering leadership skills and practical expertise.

Holistic Learning Approach: Learners enrolled in this initiative experience a holistic learning journey that seamlessly blends on-the-job experience with theoretical knowledge. This dual approach ensures that participants not only acquire hands-on skills but also develop a strong theoretical foundation, preparing them for diverse challenges in their respective fields.

Empowering Learners for the Future: The benefits for learners are multifaceted. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a National Qualification Certificate—a testament to their acquired skills and knowledge, enhancing their prospects for future employment. Additionally, learners receive a stipend during the learning period, a crucial support that fosters inclusivity and accessibility.

Post-Learning Placement Opportunities: Tega goes beyond theoretical education by providing tangible opportunities for learners. Upon completing the program, participants have the chance to secure placements, translating their acquired skills into meaningful contributions within their chosen fields.

Tega's Commitment to Societal Growth: At Tega, our commitment extends beyond business growth. We are dedicated to being agents of positive change in the societies and countries where we operate. This initiative stands as a testament to our ethos—striving not only to thrive in business but also to uplift the communities we are part of.

In conclusion, Tega's leadership development project in South Africa is a beacon of hope in the face of unemployment challenges. By providing a comprehensive learning experience and creating tangible pathways to employment, Tega is contributing to the growth and prosperity of both individuals and the broader community.