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Lists at 68% premium to IPO price

Mumbai: Tega Industries, a leading player in the industrial and mining solutions sector, marked a resounding stock market debut on Monday, leaving investors upbeat as it listed at an impressive 68% premium to its Initial Public Offering (IPO) price of ?453 per share. The stock commenced trading at ?760, a testament to the robust demand and confidence in the company's potential. The day concluded with Tega's stock settling at ?725.50, reflecting a remarkable 60% surge above its IPO issue price.

The overwhelming success of Tega's IPO, amounting to ?619 crores, can be attributed to an extraordinary demand from both High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and institutional bidders. The subscription frenzy reached unprecedented levels, with the IPO being oversubscribed over 219 times. This remarkable enthusiasm was particularly evident in the Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) segment, where historic bidding activity unfolded, making it one of the most sought-after IPOs in recent times.

The exceptional premium at which Tega Industries entered the stock market underscores the investor community's confidence in the company's growth prospects and market position. Tega's solid market debut not only reflects the buoyancy in the industrial and mining sectors but also serves as a testament to the strategic decisions and business acumen of the company's leadership.

As Tega Industries charts its course as a publicly listed entity, investors and industry observers are keenly watching how the company leverages the raised capital to fuel further expansion, innovation, and consolidation in its domain. The successful IPO has set a high bar, and Tega's performance on the stock market is likely to be closely monitored as it navigates the dynamic landscape of industrial and mining solutions.