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12 MTPA Steel Plant


1600 mm BW conveyor belt handling iron ore


1500 TPH

Application Area:

Two identical 1600 mm conveyor belts at RMHS

Type of Skirt Sealing System-

Continuous rubber strip

Material Handled:

Iron Ore, Coke & Flux Department

Belt Speed-


Concern of the Customer:
  • An average spillage of 900kg/day was observed at the loading station
  • Deployment of manpower & excavator for cleaning and putting material back on the conveyor
  • Adjustment of continuous rubber strip done twice a month
  • Inability to adjust the continuous rubber sealing due to non-uniform wear resulted in lower life of the sealing system
  • Reduce spillage at the loading station
  • Minimize manpower deployment for maintenance.
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Monthly accumulation of spillage reduced from 70 tons to 12.5 tons.
  • Monthly engagement of manpower reduced from 17 man-days to 2.5 mandays.
  • Premature monthly consumption of return idlers reduced from 5 to 2.
  • Container demurrage drastically reduced.
  • Customer made an annual profit 0.96 mn INR.

There were 2 loading stations 31 BC-01 (Other Make Continuous Double contact sealing) and 31 BC-02 (Tega Spill-EX Skirt Sealing). Both the loading stations were cleaned and made ready for trials of segmented skirt of Tega & continuous double-contact skirt sealing system of other.

Observation after 2 days of Installation:

No spillage was observed in BC-02 VS Spillage was observed at the foot of the conveyor structure in B2-01

Observation after 1 month of Installation:

Very negligible amount of spillage was observed in BC-02 VS Accumulation of spillage was observed beside the conveyor in BC-01

12 MTPA Steel Plant