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Coal washery in East India


1600 mm Belt Width conveyor at Coal Handling Plant

Customer Concern:
  • 400mm lumps from run of mines application inflicting severe damage to the conveyor belts.
  • Frequent loosening of the fixing bolt & damage to the impact frame.
Solution Implemented

Traditional impact bed system was replaced by JUMBO

Results After Installation:

Nut bolt structures have been eliminated, thus reducing the frequent maintenance required due to loosening of the belt.
The saddles were working fine even after 3 years with 30% life left.
Only the middle saddles under the direct impact zone needed replacement.

Time of Observation Belt Condition Pad Condition
Before installation of Jumbo Life -6 months Life -1 year
After 2 months No wear observed Negligible wear observed
After 5 months Negligible wear observed 2-3mm wear observed
After 18 months Belt required replacement 5-6mm wear observed
Coal washery in East India