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Cement plant in East India


1550 MW Power Plant in North India

Customer Concern:
  • Conveyor 2B, 1200mm BW, plays a vital role in conveying material from wagon tippler to main plant.
  • The conveyor had excessive spillage at the loading station, frequent damage of impact idlers & return idlers and belt damage both at the center & edges.
  • Frequent engagement of manpower at conveyor site meant frequent shutdowns which resulted in loss of productivity and huge container demurrage.
Tega’s Approach to Total solution:
  • Free falling large lumps damaged the impact idlers & the belt, while belt sagging due to impact loading led to spillage. Friflo Impact Bed systems were suggested to absorb impact and minimize belt sagging.
  • Multiple loading points with off-center loading was responsible for belt sway and consequent belt edge damage. Tega Tracker Rollers were installed to check ' misalignment.
  • Ineffectiveness of conventional belt cutpiece scrapers led to excessive carryback spillage& premature failure of return idlers. Hosch scrapers were recommended to address the concerns.
  • Premature failure of 3 impact idlers in a month was eliminated.
  • Belt life increased to 18 months from 14 months.
  • Belt sway reduced from 100mm to 20mm on both the sides of the conveyor.
  • Monthly accumulation of spillage reduced from 70 tons to 12.5 tons.
  • Monthly engagement of manpower reduced from 17 man-days to 2.5 mandays.
  • Premature monthly consumption of return idlers reduced from 5 to 2.
  • Container demurrage drastically reduced.
  • Customer made an annual profit 0.96 mn INR.
Cement plant in East India