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7 MTPA Coal Washery in Eastern India


1400mm Belt Width tripper conveyor used for Rake loading

Customer Concerns:
  • Spillage of material
  • Manpower engagement
  • Disturbance in conveyor movement
Situation at Hand:
  • Two polyurethane blade scrapers were mounted in the concerned conveyor. The scrapers were ineffective to clean the carryback due to the sticky & the wet nature of the material conveyed.
  • Customer had engaged V plough scraper on the carrying side of the belt to divert the material to the side. Without the V plough, the material would have accumulated at the head end.
  • Engagement of manpower was required on a daily basis to clean the aforementioned spillage.
Solution Implemented:

HDPUL pre-scraper & technologically advanced C2 metallic blade main scraper to handle belt runback were installed to solve the problems.

Results Obtained:

Customer still uses the V plough as a diverter, but the spillage has drastically reduced from 9ton/day to 0.1 ton/day This resulted into the following:

  • Reduction of cleaning manpower reduced from 100 man-days to 8 man-days.
  • Engagement of truck for material carrying reduced for 25 days a month to 4 days a month.

Customer saves 1.3mn INR per year.

7 MTPA Coal Washery in Eastern India