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Hosch - Reducing Carryback for a Leading Cement Plant


BC 5G, a 1400 mm BW conveyor is also the first conveyor after mines and crusher, which carries limestone for stacking and reclaiming process.

Customer Complaints:
  • Accretion of material leading to unhealthy and unsafe work environment
  • Daily engagement of cleaning manpower
  • Monthly replacement of return rollers

The 1.7 m/s belt conveyor carrying 600 TPH dry limestone with belt-cut piece used as belt cleaner generated 1 ton of carryback spillage per day.

Solution Implemented:

Polyurethane based B9S, as pre-scraper and under the belt metallic blade B6C as main scraper was suggested to solve the aforementioned complaints.

Results Obtained:
  • Reduction of daily spillage from 1 ton/day to 30 kg/day.
  • Minimization of manpower engagement from 50 man-days to 4 man-days in a month.
  • Elimination of premature failure of 6 return idlers in a year for a 20 m CC length conveyor.
  • Customer achieved savings of 0.36 mn INR in a year.
Hosch - Reducing Carryback for a Leading Cement Plant