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Centrax Conveyor Component Case Study: Productivity Improvement

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Centrax Conveyor Component Case Study: Productivity Improvement

Plant- Steel Plant in Belgium

Application Area- Line C-45 of the steel plant


  • The belt conveyor handled materials like coal, coke, sinter, pellets & lime which led to varying discharge parabola and to misalignment in the receiving belt.
  • Misalignment of rollers were also responsible for mistracking of belt.

Solution Implemented-

Centrax was installed seven meters in front of the tail pulley on the return side.


Immediately after installation the belt misalignment was corrected. The CenTrax limited the belt sway over the tail pulley & also over the loading point. Thus the loading was centralized and the misalignment on the carrying side was resolved.

According to the maintenance manager, "The CenTrax belt tracker came out best in terms of effectiveness and service life as well as the comparison of six similar control systems.”