All Tega  Trommels are custom designed to client’s specific requirements optimising the size, capacity and wear life of the trommel. The structural parts, type of panel, fixing type and reinforcement are unique and designed and manufactured on the basis of application.

The  Trommel structures are analysed under specific loading conditions using the ‘Finite Element Analysis’ method. The FEA allows us to calculate the equivalent shear stress on the structure and ensures the optimisation of the overall Trommel weight to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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The  Trommel fabrication process

Custom design, optimising the size, capacity and wear life.
The structural design is cross-checked with ‘Finite Element Analysis’.
All the structural parts are covered with a rubber or polyurethane coating to resist wear and corrosion.
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OptiTrommel Features and Benefits

Tega Trommel Features

  • FEA Analysis of all structural elements, including bending stress limits and Von Mises stresses.
  • The design of the trommel considers the total load and operating conditions based on capacity checks.
  • All weld joints are ultrasonically tested.
  • Trommel frames are thermally tested to eliminate the stress concentrations and increase the fatigue tolerance.

Client Benefits

  • A reliable and safe trommel with a robust construction
  • Reduced cost per tonne due to long life offered with high abrasion resistance.
  • Wide range of apertures along with spirals and dams of varying heights and pitches.
  • Ease of panel changeout.

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