Wear Resistant Liners

Tega Industries Ltd. is a global leader in designing, engineering and production of wear and flow consumables for the mineral beneficiation, mining and bulk solids handling industry. We offer a range of customized abrasion and wear resistant products and services as per customer’s specific applications. We can re-design and improve the performance of an existing part or product no matter what the size and specification of use.

Philosophy of Tega Wear Resistant Lining Solution

Tega F.L.A.D program :

F –Flow Improvement of material handled

L –Life Improvement for transfer chutes and storage equipment

A –Availability Increase for equipment

D –Degradation decrease for material handled

Tega F.L.A.D program is designed to meet the following objectives :

  • Increase efficiency of the lining equipment.
  • Eliminate unwanted shutdown.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Increased flow ability of materials
  • Savings in cost/ton of material handled.
  • Reduction in fines generation, degradation and noise pollution.

Application Area

  • Transfer Chutes: Aggression, Mosaic, DMAC, Pro-Line
  • Hoppers: Composite Liners, Aggression (P), DMAC
  • Silos: Stallion, Pro-line
  • Feeders : DMAC
  • Launders : DMAC
  • Conveyors Skirt Area : CeraSkirt
  • And related bulk handling equipments

Design Excellence

Tega offers comprehensive engineering solution in providing proper selection of liners and redesigning of equipments to ensure optimum performance.

To predict the performance of equipment and the proposed lining solution, Tega uses simulative software based on DEM & FEM technology.

Engineering Simulation packages used in Tega wear resistant liner :

DEM Technology :

  • To check trajectory, velocity gradient plot with respect to time.
  • To check the Flow ability



FEM Technology :

  • To check Impact stability
  • Wear decay life of Liner
  • Proper liner selection on the basis of boundary condition



Tega’s experienced service engineers do installation work for liners and also provide prompt after sales service. Our service engineers are available round the clock in case of a crisis. All our service engineers carry necessary tools and tackles for installation work and are well trained for safety measures. Following steps are maintained for installation of Liners :


  • Surface Preparation :Cleaning the mother plate, chipping out deposited materials and if required grinding to get a smooth surface.
  • Fixing of Liners on Concrete Surface:For concrete wall (Bunker, Hopper, Silo, etc.) steel flats are embedded on the concrete surface and then stud is welded on these steel plates. It gives extra rigidity for fasteners and prevents the liners from uprooting. The installation can also be done with special studs that can be directly fixed on the concrete wall.
  • Fixing of Liners on metal plate:  Normally fixing is done by drilling holes on the mother plate and fastening with bolts. However if there is space restriction on the mother plate to drill the holes, then stud is welded on it to fix the liners. In certain cases the liners are fixed to the metal plate with adhesives using cold bonding process.
  • No Gap:Liners are installed in such a way that there is no gap between two liners and also no gap between the liners and the mother plate.
  • Even Surface:After the installation of liners, the lining surface should be smooth. If required grinding, filling, cutting, chamfering is done to smoothen the surface.


Installation is done from top or bottom as per site conditions and availability of materials. Proper care is taken that there are no gaps between two layers and there is no fire hazard or damage of material on the lower sections due to welding sparks etc. from top layers of the liners. A thin metal/asbestos sheet or asbestos cloth is to be placed below the welding area to avoid damage to lower layers.


Installation of Aggression & DMAC liners in chute

Installation of Hard Hat(P) in a Track Hopper

Global Distributors

  • Australia
  • Chile
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • The Netherland
  • Turkey