Fluid Management

Tega Industries Chile S.p.A (Formerly Acotec S.A), leader in fluid transport systems

Great accumulated experience

More than 3,000 high pressure spools lined with polyurethane. More than 30,000 low pressure spools, coated with natural rubber and neoprene.

Engineering and design capability

We have a team with strong experience in projects and engineering companies such as PSI-JRI and Fluor Daniel.

Development of plans with Spoolgen program and cube calculating software.

Quality and global benchmarking

We are ISO 9001-2000 certified and work as per ASME and API standards.

Production control system by bar code.

Manufacturing integrated into a single supplier

In a single factory the manufacture of steel spools and the coating of polyurethane and rubber are concentrated, in addition to the provision of accessories for the installation.

Full service throughout the project

We have the capacity to support our clients in: selection of materials, Lay-Out, definition of spools, and assembly of parts.

We have technical advisors in all the mining plants, with maximum response time of 24 hours.

Training and extension activities

Tega Industries Chile S.p.A (Formerly Acotec S.A) organizes annually, training and improvement courses based on standards of design and benchmarking.