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Co-creating an ‘experiential’ learning system to meet the needs and aspirations of the community

Co-creating an experiential learning system

Inspired by the vision of our Chairman, Mr Madan Mohan Mohanka, we at Tega, are focused on growing a strong connect with our community. We believe that we can empower the community by enhancing the reach and quality of education. In our effort to make learning opportunities accessible to those in need, we have adopted several schools across India. In 2020, we added to the fold, Disha India Community School in Padha (a village in Haryana). ‘Disha’ is the first community school in the village (Pdha) and imparts ‘experiential learning’ to 100 children.

Exemplifying the maxim – “It takes a village to raise a child”- ‘Disha’ is an initiative to co-create a ‘community school’ in partnership with the community, to serve the community. It is a ‘community school’ in true sense and spirit. Presently the school operates up to the 4th grade with a rapid expansion ahead.

The curriculum has been designed in alignment with the needs and aspirations of the community. Parents and other community stakeholder splay a vital role in building the curriculum.

The learners are on a journey from familiar to the unfamiliar, encouraging them to explore the ‘abstract’ through the ‘concrete’.

The objective of the curriculum is to cover life skills and practical knowledge. Learning is experiential, personalized and contextual to the life and the surroundings of the child. Founded on the principles of ‘Nai Talim’ , propagated by Mahatma Gandhi, this community school creates better preparedness for Life.

‘Disha’ is a humble step forward for us, in the direction of building a better tomorrow for our children. It exemplifies the maxim – It takes a village to raise a child’.

‘Learning’ meets ‘joy’ at Sardapally Shiksha Niketan

Sardapally Shiksha Niketan image

It gives us joy and pride to nurture a better tomorrow for children.

We are committed to the cause of making life better for children, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. One of the ways in which we realize our goals is, by making Education more accessible and enjoyable.

We support multiple initiatives for the betterment of Education. A recent project that holds a special place is the renovation and re-launch of one of the schools sponsored by us- Sardapally Shiksha Niketan at Duttapukur, near Kolkata.

The new school building helps to address certain critical infrastructure and safety needs –from fencing and fire extinguisher to well-appointed classrooms and sanitation facilities.

The inauguration was hosted on the occasion of Children’s Day in 2021– with movie screening and snacks for the children.

It has been exciting to see the teachers and other stakeholders collectively drive the ‘painting’ and beautification of the school.

In order to make learning more holistic, the school curriculum includes sports, yoga, lessons on medicinal plants and music.

Building a sustainable future by empowering education

Building a sustainable future by empowering education image

Our responsibility towards building a sustainable future finds expression in many forms. While we solve complex challenges for the industries we serve, we create more equity and joy in society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Enhancing life and learning opportunities for Children is critical to sustainability. We support multiple projects to make Education more accessible.

We are humbled by the opportunity to support the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG) through our partnership with Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society, Kolkata. Katakhali runs a school (English medium) at Hingalganj (North 24 Parganas, West Bengal) and 5 early education centers. Efforts are made to provide education and facilities in keeping with recommendations 1-6 of UNSDG. It gives us joy to add a floor to the school building and create opportunities for Children to continue with their education here till the 12th standard.

Our engagement is not limited to funding the construction – including computer centre and play area. We are part of the empowerment process by enhancing quality of education through Education Empowerment Program.

Our partnership with Kathakali helps us to renew our commitment to make our community stronger.

We care for our community by making it stronger

Tega Industries care for community

We care for our community by making it stronger. Education empowers and we at Tega create opportunities for accessible education as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) priority. Tega Education Foundation supports multiple initiatives across India to make Education more engaging for young learners and teachers.

A recent project covering 3 schools in Duttapukur (a village in the vicinity of Kolkata) offers a wonderful example of a humble initiative can create meaningful impact in times such as the recent pandemic. While it may not be realizable to many, it is sufficiently established through research that the socio-cultural-economic impact of children losing access to education can be devastating for a society. Not allowing time to run idle during the pandemic, Tega Education Foundation has facilitated a series of workshops in October 2020 for awareness building and skill enhancement for teachers in these schools. The objective was to come up with effective mechanisms of delivering education amidst the challenging circumstances. The workshops were conducted in collaboration with @Learners Confluence. So far, 4 sessions have been hosted for training the teachers.

The workshops fulfilled a dual purpose - to utilize the time productively and not let the pandemic slow down the learners and the teachers, bridge existing skill gaps and make room for heightened awareness and deeper insights for the teachers.

  • Session 1: Interactive session with the teachers and school leaders to serve as an ice-breaker and set the context for the subsequent workshops
  • Session 2: Virtual awareness building workshop, presided over by Dr A Senthil Kumaran, Chief Confluence, Learners Confluence. Covered 22 teachers and school leaders from the 3 schools.
  • Session 3: Workshop exploring games as a medium of learning
  • Session 4: Workshop on how to connect with the surrounding effectively and apply it to the learning process.

The Training workshops helped to beat the Pandemic blues and bring back energy and positivity into the schools.