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In 2021, a client’s projects team commissioned and internal review on the performance and operational savings achieved on the recent installation of DynaPrime® mill liners (Hybrid*).

The following is the actual report detailing a comprehensive review on the Hybrid liners, including:

  • Steel vs Hybrid (DynaPrime) Comparison
  • Savings on maintenance hours and costs
  • Savings on operational hours
  • Savings on mill energy consumption
  • Client mill lining recommendations

This case study focusses on the analysis of a 26 x 43ft Ball Mill

1. Maintenance Centre of Excellence

Our Vision

The Maintenance Center of Excellence (MCOE) seeks to establish (client] vay of doing maintenance to drive a culture focused on defect elimination, with excellence in planning and scheduling and using world-class strategies for our teams. This will make life easier for our people and give us the opportunity to develop and grow with the company.

2. Comparison of Steel vs. Hybrid linings

3.1. Savings on Maintenance Services

3.2. Savings in Hours of Operation

How to take advantage of time saving ball mills

3.3. Savings In energy consumption: CEE global view

*Source: Brian Cornish (ME Elecmetal)

3.3. Savings in energy consumption

First Lets Understand how a Mill is activated and the necessary energy required

3.3. Savings in energy consumption: Theory of Mills

3.3. Savings in energy consumption: Results

4. Recommendations