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Tega Jumbo Impact Bed System: Addressing Common Challenges in Material Handling


In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, efficient material handling stands as a cornerstone for streamlined production and operational success. As industries continue to evolve, the demand for innovative solutions that address common challenges in material handling has never been more crucial. This is where Tega Industries, a trailblazing provider of cutting-edge solutions, emerges as a reliable partner in overcoming these challenges.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a legacy spanning several decades, Tega Industries has solidified its reputation as a renowned player in the field of material handling solutions.

From mining and mineral processing to power generation and beyond, Tega has extended its expertise across a diverse range of sectors. This versatility, combined with a customer-centric approach, has allowed Tega to build enduring partnerships with clients worldwide.

Material Handling Challenges: Impact and Wear  

Tega recognizes the link between downtime and costs, as well as the importance of safety in belt conveyor operations. Leveraging technological progress, we've innovated solutions that surpass previous standards in efficiency, safety, and installation speed for belt conveyors. Our product range reflects our commitment to spillage-free, low-maintenance, and power-efficient conveyor systems. In the world of material handling, challenges like impact, abrasion, and wear are crucial to address. These hidden issues can disrupt operations, raise maintenance expenses, and lower efficiency.

The revolutionary Jumbo Impact Bed system by TEGA Industries exemplifies our commitment to efficiency and sustainability. By addressing impact, abrasion, and wear, it strengthens the core of durable and efficient material handling systems.

Our diverse portfolio reflects a steadfast dedication to creating conveyor systems that are spillage-free, low-maintenance, and power-optimized.

Introducing the Tega Jumbo Impact Bed System

The convergence of dust, moisture, and substantial impact force at the loading zone inevitably expedites the deterioration of traditional impact idlers, a common component of conveyor system parts.  Due to their mobile nature, these idlers necessitate consistent maintenance to function optimally. When a large lump lands on the idler, it has a line contact. Therefore, the impinging force is quite high which leads to the damage of the belt.

This problem is solved with the use of an impact bed system which has no moving parts. Therefore, no maintenance is required & it becomes a FIT & FORGET operation. Moreover, when the big lump hits the belt, it has a surface contact which leads to a lower impinging force because of the higher contact area. When the load increases this general solution of Impact Bed System with Impact Bars is not Good Enough.  Above an impact force of 50000 Newton, the traditional impact bed system cannot work.

TEGA JUMBO performs outstandingly under heavy impact load and high belt capacity at the loading station. It is specially designed for belts carrying Run of Mines for maintenance-free operation. It has successfully operated under an impact force of 80000 Newton.

JUMBO is a welded modular system where the belt rests on the high-quality UHMWPE saddle. These saddles are supported on rubber cushions which absorb the impact energy.

Innovative Features and Tangible Benefits

In scenarios involving very heavy loads, a common predicament emerges within conveyor system parts—the fixation bolts often face the challenge of loosening, while the pads and underlying structure endure frequent damage. It calls for removing the system, making necessary changes & reinstalling it. Replacement of Impact pads takes an average of 4 hours & if other modifications are required, it will not be less than 6 hours. The modular design of the JUMBO ensures that the top pads are replaced in 15 minutes and the complete set is reinstalled in less than 2 hours.

Pinch points and the support gaps between the bar surfaces are belt hazards on a bar-type impact bed. The continuous support that JUMBO provides to the belt increases the contact surface of the falling lump and further reduces the chance of belt damage. In the case of belt sway, there is no chance of the belt getting stuck in the gap between the pads as the under-belt support in JUMBO is continuous. This eliminates the risk of any belt damage because of the sway.

Beyond its efficiency, the TEGA JUMBO fervently champions safety as well. It not only streamlines maintenance processes but also, crucially, elevates safety to paramount status. The JUMBO stands as an embodiment of efficiency, security, and innovation, poised to revolutionize the intricate tapestry of material handling within conveyor system parts.

Customization for Industry-Specific Needs

Each TEGA JUMBO is tailored to specific needs, showcasing our commitment to enhancing conveyor system parts. We start by gathering application data to calculate crucial factors like impact forces, using our specialized software. Then, we design and rigorously test JUMBO frames with advanced technology, simulating real-world scenarios using ANSYS software. This blend of custom design and high-tech simulation creates JUMBO units that go beyond standard components. They become finely tuned instruments, boosting the efficiency of conveyor system parts and enduring operational challenges. This precision, rooted in excellence, defines the essence of TEGA JUMBO, aligning perfectly with our mission to transform material handling solutions for conveyor system parts.

Real-World Applications

In a coal washery, big 400mm lumps (Coal and Stone) were inflicting severe damage to the belt & the traditional impact bed system. The belts were lasting for only 6 months, and the impact pads for 12 months. There has been frequent loosening of the fixing bolts & damage to the impact frame. The traditional impact bed system was replaced with JUMBO; the results achieved were a delight to the customer.

  • Belt life improved from 6 months to 18 months.
  • After 3 years of usage, the saddles still had 30% of life left
  • Being a welded structure, the problems of loosening the bolts & damage to the structure were completely eliminated.

Anticipating Future Trends and Innovations

At TEGA Industries, we blend effectiveness and simplicity in crafting solutions for maintaining and operating conveyor system parts. The TEGA JUMBO is a prime example of this approach. This innovation boosts the durability of conveyor belts and eliminates labor-intensive manual maintenance tasks associated with conveyor system parts. Our core philosophy focuses on balancing efficiency with user-friendliness. Every product, including the ingenious TEGA JUMBO, is designed for strong performance without sacrificing ease of use and maintenance. This balance improves operational efficiency while saving time and resources.