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Dyna Max Mill Liner - Enhancing Milling Performance


In the realm of wear-resistant solutions, Tega Industries Limited (Tega) has consistently set the benchmark since its inception in 1976. Today, Tega stands as a pioneer, boasting unparalleled expertise in specialized products that elevate operational efficiency across industries. The spotlight now shines on the groundbreaking Tega DynaMax Mill Liners—a technological leap that redefines mill lining systems.

Setting the Global Stage

: With an extensive footprint spanning more than 70 countries and catering to over 700 customers, Tega is undisputedly the market leader in the realm of wear-resistant products. This dominance is a testament to Tega's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize processes and boost productivity.

The Genesis of Excellence: Tega's journey of excellence is underscored by the recent Integrated Management System (IMS) certification from SGS India Limited. This triple certification for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015), and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018) exemplifies Tega's unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and safety.

Enhancing Mill Performance with Dyna Max Mill Liners: A Breakthrough in Large Diameter SAG and Ball Mills:

Since the introduction of large diameter SAG Mills in comminution circuits, the conventional all-steel liner has been favoured as the proven wear medium. However, recent years have witnessed a notable shift in preference towards DynaMax Hybrid Liners – a combination of AR, steel, and rubber - particularly in SAG Mills with diameters above 34 feet. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the manifold benefits of reduced liner weight, fewer components, and enhanced liner durability. This advancement has empowered DynaMax Hybrid liners to endure heavy impacts, effectively eradicating the issues of cracks and untimely failure often seen in conventional steel liners. These advantages collectively bolster the reliability of DynaMax liners, simultaneously mitigating safety hazards during mill re-lining through external bolting. The culmination of these benefits translates to higher mill operation time and a safer re-lining process.

Evolution from Conventional to DynaMax Hybrid Liners:

Operating SAG Mills with DynaMax Hybrid liners has ushered in two prominent advantages as compared to conventional steel liners. Firstly, the exceptional resilience of DynaMax Hybrid liners against substantial and frequent impacts has allowed mill operators to initiate operations at full throttle right from the moment new hybrid liners are installed. This revolutionary approach eliminates the necessity of a weeks-long ramp-up period that has been the norm for nearly two decades of traditional all-steel liner designs. The immediate high-speed operation of SAG Mills following re-lining results in a commendable 3% to 5% upswing in SAG mill power draw throughout the liner's lifespan. This enhanced power draw unlocks the potential for milling additional tons over the course of the liner's usage.

Secondly, a significant disparity in wear rates has been observed between the DynaMax Hybrid liners, integrating rolled steel inserts with higher hardness over conventional steel liners. The DynaMax Hybrid liners showcase an impressive nearly 30% lower wear rate during the final weeks of their service life. This distinctive attribute enables DynaMax to operate with a steeper average face angle, leading to improved charge trajectory. This charge trajectory is manifested in a notable 1.5% to 2% surge in average mill power draw over the life of the liner, thereby facilitating the milling of additional tons over the course of the liner's usage. The focal point lies in the comprehensive exploration of the transition from conventional steel liners to Tega's innovative DynaMax Hybrid liners.

In Peru, an analysis of TEGA DYNAMAX's performance in a 40-foot SAG mill at Minera Centinela (Antofagasta Minerals) revealed an 11% increase in mill availability following its installation. Minera Centinela had encountered challenges with their SAG mill coatings, such as insert detachment and cracks, which significantly reduced mill availability before the application of DynaMax. Tega introduced DynaMax to address these issues in the aggressive 40-foot SAG mill with 6 ¼-inch steel balls. DynaMax's incorporation in SAG mills offers several benefits, including the ability to install lighter coatings (up to 40% lighter), reduce assembly time by 30%, and eliminate fractures or insert detachments. This improvement in coating life led to the observed 11% increase in mill availability, subsequently resulting in increased tonnage.

This groundbreaking innovation stands as a testament to its efficacy in tackling the most challenging scenarios encountered in the operation of the massive SAG mill.


The evolution from traditional all-steel liners to Hybrid liners in large-diameter SAG and Ball mills has ushered in a new era of efficiency and reliability. The adoption of Tega's DynaMax Mill Liners has demonstrated a remarkable impact on mill performance, translating to reduced energy consumption, enhanced mill productivity, and a safer re-lining process. The journey from problem identification to solution implementation underscores the ingenuity behind the creation of the world's finest liner design, tailored for the demanding requirements of the largest diameter mills in the industry.