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From Professional Rugby League Player to NSW Manager : Luke Dorn

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Rugby League Profession to NSW Manager


Tega Australia has always remained committed to the success of clients, and are unified by a strong collaborative culture which prioritises client relationships building and teamwork.

It’s a culture which is proving to be a natural fit for Luke Dorn, TEGA | Losugen’s New South Wales Territory Manager.

A former professional rugby league player, Luke is now based in his hometown of Maitland, NSW, after twelve years in the United Kingdom, where he carved out a highly successful playing career in the Super League with the London Broncos and Castleford Tigers. He remains the highest try scoring international player in the UK Super League.

His time abroad followed a successful career in the NRL, where he played for the Northern Eagles, the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and the Sydney Roosters between 2002 and 2004.

“During my playing days, self-discipline, the ability to work hard, and the ability to play a role in a team were crucial. So was the ability to build rapport through open and honest dialogue. As these are skills that TEGA really values, TEGA and its partnering approach with clients definitely sits well with me.”

Luke applies these skills and values across clients, providing a link between mining clients, mine sites and the TEGA head office in Perth, Western Australia.

It’s an approach to client service that ensures client needs can be addressed proactively and quickly as part of a wider culture of collaboration and teamwork.

“Our products improve mine efficiencies and operational effectiveness. Regular site visits complement our solution set – it allows us to truly partner with our clients by providing ongoing, regular support”, Luke explained.

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